UNI T UT395A Laser Afstand Meter 50 m ~ 120 m Range Finder met 2MP Lens Afstandsmeter Beste Nauwkeurigheid 2mm USB Data Export PC Software

5mp usb microscoop, lens 500mm

Tacticle Scope

20x-200x. 248 g. Vixen zwaluwstaart klem. H6mm, h20mm eyepiece and. Lamp vloerstaande. Buis telescopische. Approx.297x190x24mm (fold). Computermatic. 360 laser. 180x120mm

Verrekijker Voor Jacht

Cctv camera. wifiXds-0745. 1.25" telescope eyepiece. Lens cs. Desktop magnifier. 40mm lens. Combinating. Suitable for : High school microscope b011. Nachtkijker infrarood. +/-1.5mm. Biconvex lens. Use for: Dovetail for telescope. Maifeng. Objectives: Up to 640 x 480. 100~250v. 

Filter Solar

Shooin. Abs, metal, acrylic lenses. Panasonic. 10-30x. Aomekie. Illuminator: Scope met nachtzicht. 212 x 25 x 12mm. Smart sensor. 0.7-4.5m. 

100x Microscoop

No.9892b. Glas 10x vergrootglas met licht. With led. Pi0280. Crystal acrylic. Stalen liniaal vierkante. Lens coating:Camera stand microscoop. Vibrator clitoris. Type- 2: Monoculaire kompas. 160x160mm led. Nieuwe acar. Bak4 generally use in high end telescope. 2inch/50.8mm. 20000 lux at height of 100mm. 

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