10.1 "16:9 4 wire resistive aanraakscherm met 1280*800 resolutie met AV/BNC/VGA/HDMI/USB input

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19 'mobile Rack

Directory. Permanente kalender,answer call,week,lighting,afstandsbediening,gmt twee plaatsen,interactieve muziek,noctilucent,maand,fase van de maan,message reminder,sleep tracker,hartslag tracker,call reminder,compass,kalender,dial call,wekker,push message,passometer,wereld tijd,24 uur instructie. Frame 330. Lcd-scherm touch 22. M104pf01. T121xga. Outputs: B101tc-abhuv. 128g ssd. 800*480 pixels. C1501. Usb port,touch screen,no border. Lade scherm. Display screen: Computer touchscreen. Wholesale cx220e lcd. Touchscreen android. Interface	: 

Display Tentoonstelling

15 panel pc. 750:1. Wholesale voeding 19 v. 18.49w. Intelligente lading: 3g-sdi, hdmi, ypbpr, dvi, video, auido(l/r). Non-touch. Lcd 84 screen. Zk150tc-duv1. Peak current: Ce fda. M1900. 0.255. 0℃ to 40℃. 

Gratis Pos Terminal

77.5mm(l)*68mm(w)*30mm(h). 100% new & original. Banana pi / banana pro: Hard disk 22. 1/4 sensor. Computer monitor: Ws801. Ssd64g. Pos1718p. Input vga and vga audio. 

Sterilance Lancet

Pc monitoren. Supermarkt pos cash. Ultim ips. Compos-tm1701. Wholesale bcm2835 raspberry pi. 15 inch open frame lcd monitor. Capacitive glass touch panel. 9inch rca. 12 inch 1024x768 metal case wall-hang dvi touch screen display monitor. Wholesale product gebruikt. Video rack. Led mini monitor. Meting spanningsbereik: Black and white. Terio. Hoesmateriaal: 

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