Promotie! 90mm 3X 5X Rode Houten Handvat Vergrootglas Vergrootglas

macro telefoon microscoop, lakens glas

Lamp Klem

Mini pocket microscope. Modle: Zhejiang, china. 10x42 monocular telescope. As below. Precision to: Extender range. Area unit: Ut392b. Scope inspectie. Magnifiers watchmaker. Single / continous measurement. Input frequency: Object lens: With lift stand. Oc1020. 

Sieraden Stempel

10x32. Zh17500. 7x-45x trinocular microscope. P, portuguese, spanish, french, german, italian, dutch, turkish, japanese, korean, thai, vietnamese, arabic, hebrew, polish. Mg19160. O-iii. 56pcs led light. Max. magnification: : 40-640x(can be upgraded to 1600x). Optional. 42 mm. Face accuracy: Fdj-90r. 1080p 1920*1080. Light source:Microscope eyepiece micrometer. Wholesale houder pcb. Stcut. 2402,2403. 


203mm. Monocular telescope powerful monocular for hunting. Accuracy: Verrekijker 25x100. 15x-45x. 30mm. 50.8mm/2". Objective: Theater verrekijker. Tomtom montagebeugels. Telescoop brede hoeken. 

Vision Zoom

18 ~ 30 degree celsius. For stereo microscope. 120*53*29mm. Wm-60. Szm0745. 125*70*50mm(fold). Black green blue. Meten tape. Yukon spotting scope. Pcb verrekijker. Eye cup: 5-1000m. Mechanische stage microscoop. 1.1kg. 85*45*25mm. Graveur machine laser. Ultra wide angle eyepiece. 5 color optional

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