40/60/80/100 M Handheld laser Afstand Meter Range Finder Gebied Volume Meet Hoek Indicatie Hoge precisie Laser afstandsmeter

stereo microscoop zoom, glas optische prisma

Meten Meter Wiel

2.25x 5x. 2 x cr1620 batteries (included). Keyword 6: 22 mm. Sz-lhll-i042803. 640*480. Exit pupil distance: Microscope magnifier loupe. Monocular telescope: Use: : Travel, gifts, huntingRechargeable batteries. 

Maxjerry 10x

Co2 markering machine. Kleur: Otoscoop led. Zoom spot. : 40mm. 500x & onder. Led 20 w. OotdtyBoom stereo microscoop. +/-2mm. Digital tape measure: Microscope digital eyepiece usb camera. Nauwkeurigheid digitale laser. 175*72*25mm. 2.5x 45x. Lens 1000mm. Stand tv. St. janskruid. Licht len. 

Lens Stereo

Szm45trp. 3d laser. 3-element 2 group. Bijia telescops. Theme material: Wholesale jacht camouflage. 60 (m). Zwaluwstaart telescoop. Film aps. Power supply usb port: 8x-24x. Nikula 10-30x25. Prisma 90 graden. Digitale optische meter. Function 8: Spi1000m. Txs01-04. Magnifying power: 300mm/360mm/400mm/500mm/700mm/900mm. 2m and above

Clip Led

Houder diode. 60mm*20mm*65mm. Vga-200a. Xsp-42. Shape : Kalibratie doelstelling. Cn-dia20-fl63.5mm. Ballow lens : Telescoop om m48. Canon eos seriese. Elektronica plant. Wholesale voor glazen keten. Wholesale licht celling. Laser wave length: 2mm(0.079inch). Compact. +/-1m +/- 0.1%. 60 pcs. 

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